The 24-Hour Challenge #1

Offered by NotTasha - the Bulwer-Lytton challenge:

I'm asking you to write ONLY ONE SENTENCE!!  Try your hand at the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. Details on the actual contest can be found here: The gist of it is.. .write the most outrageous opening line possible for an M7 Fic. Just an opening line -- one sentence... nothing more.

Here's the classic example: "It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents--except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness."

By AngelaB (AceofSpades)
The florescent lights flickered with dizzying irregularity as the slender brown haired figure with his normal mask slipped into place, hiding the humiliation, strode down the hallway of the Federal Building, ignoring the snickers, gawking, finger pointing and not-so-quiet whispers that his appearance of the red and blue bowling shoes, purple striped pants with matching shirt, orange plaid jacket and luminescent green bowtie that twirled when a hidden string was pulled garnered him, completing the attire was the small beanie cap with a propeller attached on top, he muttered under his breath for the hundred time, "I'll get you for this Mr. Larabee."

By Enola (jennytork)
"What the hell is going on here?" he wondered as he looked around at his friends -- Buck moustacheless, looking like Conan in nothing but a loincloth... Nathan in cutoffs....Josiah sitting braiding Vin's hair while Vin slept.... Ezra and JD playing chess while working their way through wine -- JD in a dress...."That does it," he decided, "I'm going back to bed and when I wake up things had BETTER be normal!" as he stomped back to his bed, falling and knocking himself unconscious --- mercifully.

By Heather F
Josiah cinched his arms tighter around the silently weeping form, resting his cheek on the dark brown hair, closing his eyes he softly mumbled, “Let it go son…dear God, just let it go.”

By Katherine
Long, elegant fingers held the shot glass in a light, almost delicate grip, swirling the amber liquid, while sharp green eyes contemplated the play of light and shadow that could be found in the depth of a good single malt, not to mention the fortifying nature such a good drink could give a man when about to face the wrath of one, Chris Larabee.

By Libby (mmrrph)
Ezra stood, dazed, trying to take in the chaos around him: clouds of dust kicking in the street as bullets barely missed him; horses wheeling and fighting their riders in protest; his sudden remembered panic at trying to locate Vin; Chris’ mouth moving in slow motion as he yelled something – none of which penetrated Ezra’s muddled brain, for he found he could not hear a single thing.

By Tipper
Bullets ejected all around them, splintering wood, shattering mirrors, exploding glasses and whiskey bottles, drumming into the bar and the tables, splitting the banisters on the stairs to the second floor in two, turning chairs into kindling, sending the terrified customers diving under the tables, screaming and praying for salvation, until, finally, it came to an abrupt stop, and Buck's words echoed across the ruined saloon: "God dang it, JD, that's it -- I'm cutting you off!"

By Phyllis (maxbobabe)
JD and Vin sat open-mouthed, watching as Chris Larabee, feared gunslinger, moved deliberately up the street in pursuit of Buck, a totally naked Buck, except for the worn towel he clutched, the one barely covering his manhood, as Buck backed away declaring adamantly, "Chris, I didn't know you had a sister."

By Rowan
Josiah closed his eyes against the onslaught of water raining down, and slowly stretching his body this way and that, moaned with satisfaction, as the pressure of the water blasting out from the four wall-mounted shower heads attacked the tired, over-worked muscles encased in his taut bronzed flesh.

By Tess
Once upon a time there were seven little mice, actually rats, although mice has always had a nice ring to it considering the alternative, which could be rats; but rats don't really have quite the image that these magnificent mice were projecting on good days or bad days seeing as they were really not mice but gunslingers with such attitudes that folks liked to refer to them as the bad element, or elements, not to be confused with thunderstorms or other forces of nature as we are wont to do as there were really seven of them at a time, all at once.

#1 By TexasAries
Groaning Chris sat down and put his head in his hands wondering if there was anyway he could disappear from this destiny the goddess had plan for him and realizing that his honor and his love for his beloved would prevent him from doing so.

#2 By TexasAries
Icy blue eyes and snarling lips promise Larabee a long painful death, while the sharpshooter's whole body shook in rage as he growled out the single word, "No!"

#3 By TexasAries
"Vin, just think about it while I'm out of town this month," pleaded Alexandra Styles, Vin Tanner's fiancée of six months.

#4 By TexasAries
Chris looked over at his six friends - brothers - that were traveling this train with him before turning back to the window to view the twilight fog cover mountains of California only to shudder when an eerie feeling of danger touched him.

#5 By TexasAries
The others have dismounted to start forward to offer apologies when Ezra stepped back from them fear and anger reflected in his emerald green eyes; his gun never wavering from his former friends that were in front of him.

Another Typical Day:  By NotTasha
John (JD) Dunne, young sheriff of the Wild West town of Four Corners and unofficial younger brother of William (Buck) Wilmington, stood on the boardwalk of the aforementioned town and gazed across the road dotted with horse manure, bits of paper that floated in the easy breeze (most likely the latest edition of the Clarion – provided by the town’s own newswoman, Mary Travis --- possible paramour of the man in black, also known as Chris Larabee -- a one time gunslinger and current lawman who was dealing with some unruly saloon patrons at that moment), a few discarded tin cans (that might have once held peaches), liquor bottles that had been emptied the previous night, a hammer (dropped from the church’s rooftop by the town’s preacher – Josiah Sanchez, who had just asked his friend, Nathan Jackson – the town’s healer – to retrieve it for him) an old boot (owned by a man named Vincent [Vin] Tanner who was at that moment searching his wagon for said item, not knowing that one overdressed and fast-talking gambler by the name of Ezra Standish [possibly an alias] had absconded with it and then abandoned it mid-street) , a little fluffy white dog (attended by a woman in a red skirt, white blouse and a wide-brimmed blue hat decorated with tiny white flowers) and one rather ruffled looking ladies’ man who sat on his ass in the midst of it all, rubbing his cheek, before that previously mentioned sheriff finally opened his mouth and stated, loud enough to be heard by poor Mr. Wilmington and most of the town, “Buck, you shouldn’t have aught to 'ave said that to a lady.”

Dust to Dust:  By Flavia
The dust was everywhere; stinging his eyes, creeping into his clothes (and his bedroll) and slowly turning his horse into a palomino, endangering them all by hiding him from his friends (only a few feet away), seeping in in every breath he took....and worst of all, ground between his teeth .

The Black Horse:  By Setcheti
The gunslinger's black horse stood atop the rocky ridge with the hot desert sun beating a blue sheen into his sweaty coat, looking down in puzzled equine unconcern on a scene of such carnage that even the buzzards wanted no part of it and the droning of the hungry flies carried a worried note as they tentatively sampled the feast spread before them - a banquet of remains both human and animal so intermingled as to be indistinguishable to even the most discerning eye.

Darkness:  By Bernadette (egor the muse)
Ezra Standish rode through the town within the darkness of a cold and rainy night in the middle of June only to find that the man he was supposed to meet was no longer at the pre-designated meeting place, (he had left an hour earlier to grab a meal and catch up on twelve hours of much needed sleep) so Ezra was forced to dismount his horse and search the man out in the number of rooms in the hotel, (he'd forgotten what room he was staying in) and found him in room 101 where he was sleeping under a shroud of thick blankets, (the man was snoring so loud that Ezra was surprised he could sleep with that noise surrounding him) so he decided that the best thing to do was to let him sleep; he looked like he needed it and there was no way in hell he was going to wake that ornery bastard.

The Kingdom of Augerbrine:  By Michele Park (CelestaSunStar)
The Kingdom of Augerbrine was about as normal as a kingdom could get, which meant that Evil was abolished and Good reigned, and the weather was perfect, and people were all extremely nice and polite to everyone; which resulted in Prince/(Princess) {insert M7 character here}, who was extremely bored living there, deciding to go off and find some adventure.

One Day in ER:  By Katy
It was a bright and breezy day in Denver, but in Four Corner Mercy Hospital, it was dark and stormy; a dark storm named Larabee prowled the corridors and exam rooms, terrorizing little old ladies who had burnt themselves on the iron, scaring small children with saucepans stuck on their heads, sending shivers of fear through the man who had severed a finger with their new super deluxe hedge trimmers and intimidating staff, who thought they were tougher than any of the wimps on the 'ER'; his mutterings could be heard in every corner of the department, "damn scruffy, no account, raggedy assed, cocky, scrawny Texan, gonna shoot a hole in his other leg when I find him."

The Road To...  By ch1diva
“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Nathan said aloud, closing his thick textbook on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, purchased on sale from the nearby enormous bookstore, and placing it on the cheap, mass-produced, and bulk-bought slate gray government desk, while addressing his teammate Vin Tanner, currently deep in the doldrums about his attempt to cheer up Ezra Standish, the team’s undercover operative, by throwing a surprise – and unwelcome – birthday party, resulting in the normally dapper Southerner with impeccable taste and grooming giving a spectacular display of temper directed against and at the unsuspecting, and in Nathan’s esteemed opinion, undeserving, friend, and the undeserving part he would address momentarily, but he wanted to open the conversation with a familiar adage.


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