Title: Crossing the Line 

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AU: Old West, before they meet

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Crossing of the Line
-Celesta SunStar

Camp near Richmond, June 10, 1862

“Ma’am,” the Union Captain said quietly. “It’s time. I’ll be escorting you across the line.”

The woman, every inch a lady, sighed and nodded slowly. “Yes.... Thank you Captain Larabee, you’ve made this entire horrible situation tolerable.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Chris offered his arm to the lady, and led her towards the waiting carriage. He handed her in, and she leaned out the window.

“I mean it Chris. As much as I wish this war had never happened, It’s the men like you on both sides that give me hope that everything will turn out all right in the end.” She smiled a bit sadly down at the blushing captain. “I’ll be sure to mention you to my husband when I see him. That way, should you ever be captured by the South, I promise, you’ll be treated well.”

The lady sat back in the carriage, and Chris mounted the horse held for him by his friend Buck Wilmington and gave the signal to move out.

As the two pickets were friendly, they were met almost immediately as they approached the midway point.

Taking a deep breath, Captain Chris Larabee exchanged military salutes with his counterpart in gray, and said, “We are here to pass Mrs. General Lee across to your lines.”