Holiday Happenings

By: Angela B
Disclaimer: never mine and never will be
Note: Did my own betaing. Whoppee!
Note: I know nothing about alcohol so forgive me if the drinks don't work

Chris looked around the dishevel that hours before had been his living room. They had completed a complicated bust, got their undercover agent out alive, if not just a bit stressed, typed their reports and then made their appearance at the official government party in the Federal Building before escaping to the ranch for their brand of partying. A couple cups of `special' eggnog, for Ezra: wine, had all of them in the Christmas cheer.

Now Chris stood in his dining room glancing around and taking in the inventory of the destruction done to his place. Paper cups, peanut shells, crumbs of potato chips and kernels of popcorn, where JD, Vin and Buck had decorated the tree with said popcorn littered the room.Not to mention the said tree lying sprawled out in the middle of the room with ornaments scattered from one of the room to the other.

The leader sighed as he made a mental check on the boys. Josiah and Nathan were on the roof. Deeming themselves to be the soberest of the crew, they had decided they would be the best choice to trim the roof in lights. Chris couldn't figure out why since no one in a country mile would see them, but the two men had insisted anyway. The two men had outlined the window with no problem, but now they were on the roof. Twice now Chris had heard the unmistakable sounds of slipping feet followed by large thumping, and Nathan's voice calling for Josiah. This was followed by more thumping and shouting. Chris refused to go outside, ignorance was bliss and unless his name was specifically shouted or the disconcerting sound of a thud outside his door was heard, he was staying inside.

Buck was currently tucking JD into bed. After trying to keep up with the others in `celebrating', the virgin drinker went down like a ton of bricks, literally. This was after he and Buck decided to string popcorn around the tree. JD was on the ladder stretching up to the top of the tree with Buck giving directions when he overbalanced, easily done in the state he was in. In short term, JD rode the tree down all the way to the floor, with Buck yelling, "Ride `em, Cowboy!" Balls and ornaments scattered to the four corners of the room.  The bursting of many  lights cast quite a show. Which led to the small burnt hole in the rug covered by the dark wine spot.

JD had managed to untangle himself from the encumbering tree limbs with Buck's help. The older agent had given the younger agent a cursory once over and shuffled him off to bed.

Chris looked at the dark wine spot and grimaced and then looked to the last two agents. Vin was sprawled out on the couch in a halfway sitting up position singing off-key along with the radio at the top of his voice. Chris never wanted to hear `Here Comes Santa Claus' again. The singing was intermingled with an occasional whoop and encouraging word for the other agent. In one hand a plate of treats and in the other a cup of eggnog, Chris swore there would not be any eggnog next year unless he made it and passed it out himself.

Chris swung his eyes towards the last agent, his refined, sophisticated, uppity undercover agent, who had come in from the job testy and stressed, had been replaced by an alter-ego. Ezra was currently dancing on top of the coffee table in nothing but his black silk boxers decorated with the multi heads of Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer, gyrating the bump and grind to make any stripper proud. The man dancing happily and carefree was fixated on matching the moves of the image in the window, highlighted by red and green lights.

When the tree had fallen and the lights broke, it had made a spark and began a smoldering patch in the rug, Vin had rushed forward to help put it out. Unfortunately, he knocked into Ezra, making the already testy agent spill his drink on the smoldering area. With the added alcohol the smoldering rug inflamed in an actual fire. Chris had grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out. Ezra erupted into his own little fireball. In an attempt to soothe ruffled feathers, Vin had offered Ezra an eggnog. Expecting it to be flavored with traditional rum, he was surprised at the taste of vodka. Hence, a few eggnogs later and Ezra was feeling great and Chris had an Elvis impersonator doing a live show. Chris shook his head, Buck would be sorry to miss the show.

The homeowner and leader of the team scooted around the tree, booting bulbs out his way and headed outdoors. Walking into the yard, he looked up at the roof. A thought came to him, the lights glimmering in the darkened night shone like a beacon to the weary and slightly off-centered lonely agents who found a home and family together. Chris shook his head at his melodrama thought and headed indoors for bed. If Josiah or Nathan fell off the roof, Elvis and Dean could take care of them. Next year, someone else was hosting the party for this bunch.

the end