TITLE: "Man Hunt"
AUTHOR: Wildcard
FEEDBACK: wildcard@midgee1.fsnet.co.uk
UNIVERSE: ATF (Thanks to Mog it's creator)
ARCHIVE: Yes please.
DISCLAIMER: They sadly are not mine, I don't have any rights to them and not making any money from this .  The characters used are the property of MGM and Trilogy and probably some more that I don't know about.  No financial or creative rights are claimed to the characters from the Magnificent Seven Television series.
CHALLENGE: KT's September '05 Challenge: Take the title of one of the original episodes and write a fic that fits the title but isn't a reworking of the original plot, any AU.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:: This is a PWP that wouldn't leave me alone.  Could go hand in hand with "Love & Honor" I sent in earlier this month.  I had originally titled this one "Face of  a Stranger" but decided to rename it "Man Hunt", thanks to the suggestion from Lisa 2.


It was just another ordinary day in the life of Chris Larabee.  Well ordinary to him, was getting his  head near blown off as a bust went down.  But luckily one of his teammates saw the danger and shoved him aside  to safety. As the teams sharp shooter homed in on the target and sent him on his merry way to hell.    He was now headed home, late as usual but glad the paperwork was all done and out of the way. Only now did he begin to ponder the days events

He had nodded his thanks briefly at the time, to Josiah and knew nothing else needed to be said about his close shave. The team of Seven men worked often without much talking  and many hand signals,  some not so PC as the clean up process took place.   He chuckled, remembering the look on Ezra's face, at a particular hand signal from Vin and the very undignified comment elicited from Ezra.

He drove along the highway, thinking of his well honed team and smiled, as he thought of their nickname "The Magnificent Seven".  He caught sight  of himself at that moment in the rear view mirror and for a second, stared surprised  at the reflection.

This was a face of a stranger.   One not seen since Sarah had been alive.  Then, he laughed out loud as he looked again at himself, with his eyes shining bright and a face filled with love and laughter.

He owed this all to six men. He was so overwhelmed with his new discovery, he  felt his heart swell with pride  then very uncharacteristically whooped and shouted.    Not caring that he got very strange looks from other travelers on the highway.

"Magnificent Seven Ride!"