Miss Communications

By: Angela B
Disclaimer: Not mine and never will be
Note: Did my own betaing.
Note #2 This is in answer to April's challenge…….
Rating: G
Characters: Buck (w/a little Chris)
NO horse and its probably not what you had in mind either. Sorry about that.

Thanks to Twy for looking over it and giving suggestions.

The phone rang four the fourth time. Finally realizing that the owner wasn't going to answer, the agent rose from his place on the couch. The overworked man slept-walked his way to the phone and answered it. "Hello," the man said sluggishly, his accent thick from heavy sleep.

The secretary on the other end, temping for the regular secretary sighed in relief. She had been told this agent was surly to deal with at any time. "Good morning, sir," she said in a friendly voice. "I am calling to remind you of your ten `o clock appointment with Judge Travis.

"What appointment?" the confused agent asked, raking his mind trying to remember having an appointment with Travis.

"The one that has been canceled twice," the secretary said calmly, thinking the man was faking the amnesia thing trying to get out of again. She had been warned he'd would.

"Well, Darlin' I'll have you know I've never canceled a date in my life and not remembered it," the thick mid-western accent lightened with the joking.

On the other end of the line the woman pulled the phone from her ear and looked at it strangely, had she just been called `Darlin'? This was not how Judge Travis had described the agent when he had ordered her to call him this morning and remind him of his appointment.

Putting the phone back to her ear, she said, "So we'll see you at ten, then?"

"You bet. Tell Ole' Travis I'll be there," the agent said with charm. "By the way, you ain't Travis' regular secretary are ya?" he said, waking up more.

"No, sir. I'm filling in for Marge. She's out sick," the temp answered truthfully.

"Well, Darlin I'll be looking forward to meetin' ya," Buck said smoothly.

The secretary was quite surprised by this telephone call. By everything she had been warned about, the agent she was talking to was nowhere near this friendly or polite. "I'll be looking forward to seeing you, too, sir," she said truthfully.

"Bye," Buck said.

"Bye," the woman said with a smile. Hanging up the phone, she pulled out her small mirror and checked her makeup.

In the kitchen of the ranch, Chris, fresh from the shower, walked in and grabbed a cup and poured him some coffee. "Who was that?" he asked.
"Travis' secretary," Buck said, cocking his head in slight confusion. "Beats me how she found me out here, though. No one knew I got a flat last night and camped out here."

Chris shrugged. "Speaking of Travis, I think I have an appointment with him sometime this week, myself."

Light dawned on both men at the same time. "Guess that was YOUR reminder," Buck said with a light laugh.

"Thanks," Chris said gruffly. He really hated having meetings with Travis on Monday mornings. 

Across town the secretary put away her mirror and penciled in `confirmed' next to Chris' name on A.D. Travis' schedule. She was looking forward to meeting the man who was so polite on the phone.

The End