Title: Just a Moment
Author: The Chronicler
Challenge: "Setcheti's September 2003 Challenge"
Universe: ATF
Rated: G
Archive: Yup, pretty please.
Comments: Oh, yes, yup, more the merrier.
Notes: Actually couldn't think of a name for it, so there it is. Anyone have a better idea? This is also my first attempt at answering ANY challenge in ANY of the fandoms I write for, so...

Rated: G

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Just a Moment
By The Chronicler

"Shh." Nathen hissed. "I told you you can only stay if you're quiet. He has to get his rest."

"Aw, come on, Nate." Buck whined. "Ya ain't gonna kick us out now, are ya?"

Nathen sniffed. "Are you drunk? What are you doing drunk?" He was sounding irritated at best.

"Ah was worried 'bout da kid!" Buck protested, his voice rising slightly. "Ah need ta make sure 'e's alright."

Team 7's medic sighed. "Buck, he is fine... as long as he gets his rest." he explained once again.

"Come on, Brother Bucklin." Josiah suggested. "Perhaps we should get some coffee into you first."

"Ah, Josey, ya too?" Buck whined, sounding close to tears. "Ah just wanna check on my lilla buddy."

"Yes, and we will... just as soon as we sober you up a wee bit." the profiler answered in a gentle tone as if talking to a small child.

"Wal... wal, alright, but ah wanna leave him some'ing. Let 'im know ah ain't leavin' 'im fer not'ing." As gently as possible, considering how drunk he was, Buck tucked a rather large fuzzy something under the covers besides his friend.

Nathen flinched. "Careful, Buck!" he snapped.

Chris spoke up then. "Get him out of here, Josiah. And I don't want to see him again 'til he's sober! Ezra, give him a hand. Toss him into the lake if you have to!"

There was a scuffle, but finally Buck was silenced by a solid slamming of the door.

Vin chuckled. "You'd of thought J.D. had been shot or something."

"Well, gotta hand it to him: when Buck does something, he does it big!" Nathen mumbled, shaking his head.

"Well," Chris said, "he's feeling guilty."

"Don't see why." Nathen mumbled. "J.D. didn't tell anyone."

"Stupid kid." Chris growled. "He should of said something."

Nathen looked at him. "He couldn't say anything." He shrugged. "Besides with Buck Wilmington as a role model, what ya expect?"

Chris huffed. "When Buck Wilmington went through this he cried like a baby." He stepped up to the bed, adjusted the something, then indicated that the remaining team members should follow him out of the hospital room, leaving their youngest in peace.

J.D. waited until he heard the door close, before opening his eyes. Ignoring his agony, he turned his head, coming face to face with a monstrously huge, white bear. Despite his discomfort, he smiled. Even if he wasn't ready to talk to any of them, he was comforted by the stuffed animal. Kinda reminded him of Buck: a huge, warm, welcoming teddy bear who was always where he wasn't supposed to be.

With a sigh, he snuggled into the bear and closed his eyes.

If this was what he got just for getting his tonsils out, he wondered
what he would of gotten if he had actually been shot...