Title: Chocolate Phasers
Author: Debra Baschal
Universe: ATF
Characters: Vin, Josiah, Chris
Archive:  Yes, Please.
Warnings: Don't play with electricity and water at the same time. It's a shocking experience. Oh, for the story... Nope, None.
Rating: If it was a movie I'd say G since it isn't [and the industry's lawyers felt they weren't making enough money...] I'll just say it  suitable for everyone.
Notes: The box they have on the Frazer site looks familiar. I wonder if it's available either here in Oregon, California or back in Michigan? I wonder if I've ever tried it? Although I do tend to stick with the 'family brand' [According to my Mom we're distantly related to The Hershey family. However I fear it's as distant as LA to Moscow] This came to me earlier tonight [or last night since it's after 2:30 in the morning here. It's just a short piece, but I hope it meets the requirements.

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Chocolate Phasers
By Debra Baschal

"Why would anyone want chocolate made with a phaser?" Vin wondered out loud , a puzzled look on his face as he strolled into the Team 7 offices. "Wouldn't that either destroy it or make it taste real nasty?"

"What are you talking about?" Josiah asked as Vin paused by his desk.

"Oh, I overheard Shephard and Cody from Team 4 talking about some type of chocolate that's made with blue phasers. I don't know. That sounds as nasty as using spinach to make spaghetti noodles." He replied shaking his head, his face screwed up in a look of disgust.

"Blue phasers... Chocolate..." Josiah murmured thoughtfully. Suddenly his expression cleared. "Of course. They aren't referring to chocolate made by using blue phasers. They were probably talking about Fazer Blue chocolate. That's the name. It's from Finland and is suppose to be one of the best chocolates in the world." He explained.

"Not one of the best, Finnish Fazer Blue Chocolate is THE best chocolate in the world." Chris stated emphatically as he paused next to Vin.

"How do you know that, Chris?" Josiah asked, interested as to how his boss had come in contact with the European treat.

"My mother's parents were Finnish. Her last name was Metso. They had immigrated to the US back in the early '30s, but Grandpa's brother still lived there in Turku. Each year, till he died back in '84, Uncle Manu would send everybody either a couple of bars or a 1/2lb box of Frazer Blue for Christmas. It depended on how old you were." His eyes closed at the memory. "I can still taste it."

"Sounds like it's a good memory." Vin commented.

Chris grinned. "I may never have met Uncle Manu, but we wrote and sent gifts back and forth until his death. I still send my cousin Anna a Christmas card every year. Yeah, they are good memories."

"So how do we go about getting some of this fantastic chocolate, Cowboy?" Vin asked, a wheedling tone in his voice.

Chris shrugged as if it was easy an easy answer. "I've got the web site on my computer at home. I'll e-mail it to you if I remember." He replied as he headed for his office.

"Ain't nice to tease a body about forgetting chocolate, Cowboy." Vin pretended to rant. "A fella might discover that that chocolate ain't the only thing that's blue." He threatened, a gleam in his eye.