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Type: April Challenge answer for Community Zero : Some, one or all of the boys are on the edge -- not figuratively, literally. It can be the edge of a cliff, the roof of a building, the scaffolding on a skyscraper, a ledge on the side of a rock face -- you name it, so long as it is a long way down. They can be standing, dangling, falling, climbing, whatever works. How you get them there, and get them out of it, is entirely up to you. I only have one other little caveat. You must use one, some or all of the following words in the story: birthday, chocolate, shower and fool. It is April after all. Any universe, any style. Good Luck!

Rating: G

Pairing/Main Characters: Ezra and Vin, (no slash)

Status: complete

AU: any

Notes: Have fun reading.


Rope Work
-Celesta SunStar

“Come on Ezra, you can do it.”

“Easy enough for you to say you... you...” Ezra couldn’t actually think of a name vile enough to call Tanner that both fit the situation, and that Tanner would understand without a dictionary. Because he wanted Vin to know *exactly* what Ezra thought of him at that point in time. The coarse rope he was holding on to was thick enough to offer a very good handhold, now if only his hands weren’t so sweaty...

“But it is easy, Ez. Just inch forward a little bit.”

It was only his opinion, but the damn bastard was enjoying this far too much. Ezra looked around for something to take his mind off of the empty space all around him. Oh, very funny. Why did someone have to carve a cross into the thin tree right beside him? And why did the cross have to be polished smooth?

Ezra closed his eyes and inched forward just that little bit... and found himself swinging wildly away from his former and admittedly precarious perch.

“Now Ez!”

Ezra jumped at the shout that actually heard *over* the thundering sound of his heart, and let go of his coarse lifeline.

He fell.

He was weightless.

Then he was treading water, trying to calm down enough to breathe.

“See Ez, a rope swing isn’t that bad.”

“Your pardon, Mr. Tanner...” Ezra ducked a sudden shower of water only to be caught in the face with another wave when he surfaced. “Vin! But I think I’ll wait a bit before I do that again.”

“Alright.” And the water fight was on.