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Type: gen

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Pairing/ Main Characters: Vin

Status: complete

AU: (pre-) ATF

Notes: This is an answer to the May Community Zero Challenge : Do you believe in the supernatural, the unusual, the out of the ordinary things that can not be explained? What would the boys do when faced with such a situation? Write a story where one or more of the boys are caught up with forces beyond their control. My one stipulation is that there most be some otherwordly figure, (ghost, alien, angel, etc...) there to help them along. Note: This should not be a horror story! Good Luck, Michelle.

This is the sequel to Dreams, but not the same story, so it is a story all on it’s own.


-Celesta SunStar

Sometimes it was just too much. When he couldn’t stand the oppressiveness of people anymore. And while he had promised his ma that he would help those who wouldn’t or couldn’t help themselves, he knew that his promise was worthless if he couldn’t keep himself in balance.

So, from time to time, he would leave and stay where the only other humans were hours or days away. He always made sure that someone he trusted knew exactly were he was. After all, Vin Tanner wasn’t a stupid man. He knew that Mother Nature wasn’t always as calm as she seemed.


He lay on his air mattress with his eyes closed, listening to the living storm as it spent its childish petulance with a show of raw elemental power. Its voice whistled, insanely shrill, as sharp edged leaves sliced at the wind. He heard its breath blow against the tent, testing the stakes, then howl a distinct protest when the poles bent and waved, refusing to leave.

Its fingers echoed its voice, first caressing in small rivulets the sides of his fragile shell, then pushing with impacts like that of BB pellets, accompanied by the sound of eggs breaking. A rumbling, subterranean, growl followed each snap of its bite, each leaving a smaller bite of the smell of ozone at the back of his throat.

The storm hungered fruitlessly for him and he loved every exhilarating second of it.

It didn't leave after its furious temper tantrum; it just subsided like a growling dog and went still, lying in wait for the perfect ambush. Something must have sated it, for it crept away, grumbling the whole while.

Vin loved thunderstorms.

“There are times when I just don’t understand you.”

Vin turned his head and looked at the blue-haired elf with a laughing glint in his eye. “That so?”

The elf nodded, pursing his lips thoughtfully. Then he flicked aside the annoying lock of hair that always ended up across the bridge of his nose. “This isn’t one of those times.” He shot the human a conspiring smirk; “I like thunderstorms too.”

Vin snorted, “Ya should, it’s the only time you show up.” He smiled as the elf sneered at him.

“Well I am connected to Air after all, I can only cross the Wall when the Air contains sufficient power to open a Gate for me.”

“So why are you connected to Air?”

The elf mock-glared at Vin, “Boy, you have a bad memory, we have this discussion every time we meet.”

Vin just shook his head, not bothering to hide the smile in his eyes. “Nah, just like annoying ya.”

They looked at each other for a few moments, then both started laughing.

“So why do you say that you don’t understand me sometimes, Rowen?”

Rowen looked at Vin, his dark blue eyes both serious and somehow sad. “I once showed you a beach at sunset Vin.”

“And I told you what I saw.” Vin responded.

“What did you See Vin?”

Vin remembered the words he used then, and used them now.

“With rhythmic beats the
Blood red orb of fire
Pulsing power
Sinking always
Extinguished never
Bands of light
Orange, red, magenta
To violet-blue and
Midnight black
Waves of fire crash
Spreading the pulse of
The world's blood
Now as red as ours
Along the ancient
Golden Sands
Retreating to return
The flames fade away
Leaving embers on the horizon
Fading to gray, and black
And blue, and white
The life flow ebbs
And flows and beats
While over all
The gentle light
A pale silver pendant
Hanging from a soft
Diamond studded cloth
Of blue-black velvet
Ancient gold to
New-forged silver
Cool sands of time
Change and move
With the world's

The elf nodded, “That’s why I sometimes don’t understand you Vin. I see something and know what it is. You See something and Know its soul.”

The storm was clearing up; Vin could feel the last playful kittenish swipes as the rumbling purr evened towards sleep. His friend wouldn’t be staying for much longer. He waited; Rowen always had to have the last word.

“My friend Sage can See a bit like you can, Vin. And so I both envy and pity you. Sight can be a burden as much as a gift. Trust what you See Vin. It will help you in the days ahead.” Then the elf was gone.


Vin opened his eyes. He loved thunderstorms, but they always brought him the *oddest* dreams.