RATING: PG, I guess - a little swearing.

DISCLAIMER: The characters from Magnificent Seven do not belong to me. The show this story is based on is Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, also does not belong to me. In other words, I own nothing...no matter how I wish otherwise...*

SPOILERS: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Halloween

SUMMARY: The following is what happened on what was supposed to be a nice quiet Halloween…but then, what can you expect from Sunnydale?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is basically a response to Setcheti's Jan. 2002 challenge: "Write (or rather, *re*write) a movie or TV show as starring our favorite Seven guys. You MAY NOT use an existing AU, you must create your own. (Yes, that does mean you can't just have ATF Team Seven join forces with Walker, Texas Ranger - a crossover is not what we're aiming for here.) You can do the whole thing or just a teaser so long as all Seven are used."

Also, thanks to my sister who pestered me to write this...for being a sounding board...for giving me ideas for scenes...and for beta reading it. Any mistakes you find are mine. Hope you enjoy reading this.


by Kassyndrya

It had been foretold..."Into each generation a Slayer is born. One person in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers."

Destroy all vampires, demons, monsters, etc. with the aid of super strength, fighting ability and an acute and intense gift of timing. With the aid of a Watcher, who trains and looks out for the Slayer, these warriors lurk in the shadows, following their prey.

Sunnydale, California. This town was unlucky in that it was built on top of the Hellmouth, a portal to a dimension that just about every vampire, demon, monster, etc. wants to unlock and unleash hell on Earth.

Last year, the Vampire Slayer, Ezra Standish, moved to Sunnydale with his mother. Due to a con that did not go as expected, Maude decided that it would be a good time to leave Los Angeles. Also, helping Maude's decision to leave were the unsubstantiated rumors that, due to a bet, Ezra was responsible for the gymnasium at his school being destroyed by a fire. (Actually, the gym caught on fire while Ezra was protecting his classmates from a clan of vampires trying to take over the school.)

With the help of some friends, Ezra helps protect the town of Sunnydale from the supernatural. Chris Larabee, the school librarian, also guides him as his Watcher. His good friends, Buck Wilmington, JD Dunne, Nathan Jackson and Josiah Sanchez (nicknamed the Scooby Gang) help Ezra whenever they can. Vin, the vampire with a soul, also helps him.

Although the Slayer lore warned that most Slayers don't live to see 20, with the help of his friends, Ezra is hoping that he will be the exception.



<Mid afternoon, in Sunnydale High, the day before Halloween>

The hallways of Sunnydale High were crowded as students headed off to their classes. Halloween decorations covered the walls in festive orange and black. Principal Bryce stood next to a table placed at the intersection of the passage, grabbing the arms of the various students as the came within his reach.

"You're volunteering," he said, shoving a clipboard with a signup sheet into the hand of one such student.

"But I'm going to be late for class."

"Sign up or you'll have to worry about detention." Bryce threatened.

A bit alarmed at the thought, the student quickly signed up and hurried away.

"Hey no running in the halls!" Bryce called after her. Then under his breath muttered, "Juvenile delinquent."

Suddenly his eyes narrowed and his lips twisted into an evil smirk as he saw who was approaching.


Ezra Standish, Buck Wilmington and JD Dunne were talking as they headed towards their biology class. JD, noticing the signs up, mentioned to his friends, "I guess Bryce is in charge of getting volunteers for the Halloween safety program this year."

Buck, seeing Bryce grabbing the arm of a pretty girl and shoving a clipboard at her, replied, "Interestin' way of getting volunteers."

Ezra glanced briefly at the principal. Frowning, he asked, "What pray tell is the public service in which he is coercing the student body into participating?"

"Wha-? Oh...a bunch of li'l tykes need people to take them trick-or-treatin'. Yup, sign up 'n get surrounded by ankle biters on a sugar high."

"I believe I shall pass...Vampires are prefe..."

"Mr. Standish...Just the juvenile delinquent I've been waiting for," Bryce called out with an undisguised sneer.

"Principal Bryce," Ezra said, putting on his best poker face and disguising his annoyance and disgust of the man from view.

Grabbing Ezra's arm and dragging him to the sign up table, Bryce said sarcastically, "Halloween must be a big night for you...Toilet papering houses...smashing pumpkins...keying cars...one pathetic cry for help after another.... Well not this year, mister!"

"I assure you, sir, I have no intention of demeaning myself to such lowly levels. As for participating in this community service, I feel must decline as I have unfortunately injured myself and am incapable of handling a flashlight...Surely you do not wish the children to be escorted by someone who is thus incapacitated?"

Bryce just stared at Ezra and held out the clipboard and pen. Sighing in defeat, Ezra reluctantly signed his name to the sheet.

Behind him, Buck grinned and nudged JD in amusement, then frowned as two clipboards were shoved in front of them. Buck and JD exchanged quick glances and looked at Bryce, begging with their eyes not to be included in Ezra's 'punishment'. Bryce stared back frowning at them until the both added their names to the list.


"Man pard, I can't believe we have to go through with this!" Buck groaned, after finally escaping the clutches of Principal Bryce and resuming their trip to class. "'N we hafta dress up too. It just ain't fair!."

"Bryce said costumes are mandatory." JD moaned.

"Just perfect. I had a very relaxing evening planned..." Ezra said with remorse of his shattered plans. "The one time of the year when paranormal activities are at a low," he sighed, then continued, "According to Chris, All Hallows Eve is the one night all is peaceful. No vampires on the prowl."

"You sure?" at Ezra's nod, Buck grinned, "Those wacky vampires...ya gotta love 'em. They just keep ya guessin'."

The threesome ended their conversation as they entered their class.


<Later in the day at the library>

Ezra and Buck walked in to see an empty room. Shrugging at Ezra, Buck said, "I don't see 'im pard. You sure Mrs. Travis said Chris wanted to see you?"

"That is what I was told."

"Ezra," Chris Larabee called out from inside the cage which housed the reserved books as well as the weapons Ezra used in his slaying. "About time you're here."

"Mrs. Travis said you wished to see me?"

"Seeing how tonight's supposed to be quiet...I thought you could use some training."

"I would love the opportunity to further my skills," Ezra was lying through his teeth, and they both knew it. He continued, "Unfortunately, due to Herr Bryce...I am unavailable for training." Ezra grimaced, unable to decide which was the worse fate.

Chris glared at him. "What did he catch you doing this time."

Ezra looked back, insulted. "I resent the implications you are insinuating. In this matter, I am completely innocent of any wrong doings."

Chris looked at him in disbelief.

"That's right pard," Buck chimed in, "Bryce's been wrangling all the students he can into volunteerin' for the Halloween program."

"Fine then."


<Ella's Costume Shop, after school>

The store is filled with little kids and their parents searching for that perfect costume. Wandering around, Ezra couldn't help but shake his head at the tacky Halloween decorations that lined the shelves along with the poor quality of the mass made costumes hanging on the racks. He couldn't remember the last time he had ever dressed up in a costume. Halloween was never a big thing in his family. His mother considered it childish nonsense, and seeing what was being sold, he couldn't help but agree. Unfortunately, he was being forced to parade in a costume in the name of public service. Sighing heavily, he put down a shrieking pumpkin.

"Hey Ez, you find anything?" JD asked come over with a shopping bag, his costume already purchased.

"No JD, I see nothing of interest or of suitable quality. Perhaps I should have gone to PartyWorld, instead."

"Well, I don't know...I heard that this was the best place to get costumes. I'm sure you'll find something here...I did." JD held up his bag.

"And what pray tell, have you decided to wear for tonight's festivities?" Ezra asked looking at the bulky bag his friend carried.

"Nope...It's gonna be a surprise." JD grinned. Looking over Ezra's shoulder, he saw his other friend and called out, "Hey Buck! Find anything?"

"Yup." Buck held up a toy gun for examination. "Right here."

Ezra frowned. "That is merely a firearm, Buck, not a costume."

Buck grinned and laughed. "I know that. I already got the clothes at home...I just nee..."

The rest of Buck's words went unheeded by Ezra as he spotted in the far corner of the store a costume and headed off in that direction.

"Hey I was talkin' here." Buck said a bit annoyed at his friend's distraction.

Still ignoring Buck, Ezra walked over to where he saw, behind a glass door of a cabinet, the perfect costume...what looked to be something a gambler might wear during the late nineteenth century: a pair of black pants and boots, a frilly white shirt, a red jacket and a black hat.

"Hey JD," Buck nudged his friend, "Look at that sissy lookin' outfit."

Just then, the proprietor of the store, Ella, walked over to them. "Please, let me," she said as she unlocked and opened the cabinet.

"My...That's a...a..."

"Magnificent isn't it?" Ella asked, as she held out the costume for Ezra to examine. "Why, I believe we found the perfect match! Don't you?" She smiled. Then from the same cabinet, took out a weird looking device, "And it comes with this derringer rig, too...oh look it fits perfectly," she said as she took Ezra's right arm and proceeded to place it on. "And when you snap your wrist just so," she gently bent Ezra's wrist as she spoke, "the gun pops out," and the small gun landed in Ezra's palm. "Of course the gun's not real, but looks like it is, doesn't it?"

Sadly, Ezra took off the arm rig, "I must admit it is most impressive, however, I believe I do not have the sufficient funds to rent this magnificent attire at this time."

Ella shook her head as she smiled sweetly at Ezra. "Nonsense. I feel like making you an offer you can't refuse."

Ezra brushed on hand against the fabric of the jacket. "Well, if that is the case..."


<That night in the lair of Will and Charlotte>

Watching a video tape of Ezra's fight from the night before, Will commented, "You see that? He used that fence post when he lost the stake. That's resourceful. Let's see that again."

"Are you going to watch that all night?" A female voice called out from the other room.

"I need to know this Slayer. Once I kill him, we'll rule Sunnydale," Will replied

"So...who cares. I just want to get Vin back." Charlotte said as she sashayed her way into the room.

"Don't worry, you will Charlotte...as soon as we get rid of this guy," Will hid his pain at her mentioning Vin as he gestured toward the picture of Ez as he staked the vampire on the screen.

"Well, my sources tell me that things are going to change tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? But that's Halloween. Nothing ever happens on Halloween."

"Maybe..." Charlotte smiled evilly, "But there's a new player in town..."


<Meanwhile, in the back room of Ella's>

Ella crossed the room carrying a two faced statue head and carefully placed it within a the symbol painted on the ground of a star and pentagram within a circle. Stepping outside of the circle, she lit five black candles which sat on the points of the star, and turned off the lights. She picked up a bowl containing a powdery mixture, and sprinkled the contents on the floor as she walked around the circle muttering under her breath. Completing the circle, she then took a small glass of a dark liquid and poured it on top of the statue, and all five candles flickered.


<The afternoon of Halloween...Ezra's room...>

Ezra is facing the full length closet mirror, inspecting his costume. He tugged the sleeve of his coat, picking off imaginary lint, and smiled at the image before him.

He picked up his hat from the bed and was about to put it on, when JD came out of the bathroom. Ezra looked at him in shock.

"So Ez...when are you gonna meet up with Vin tonight?" JD asked, not noticing Ezra's reaction. "I mean...you're still helping him with his reading right? And he's helping you with history?" JD looked up and saw the expression on Ezra's face. He glanced down at himself...nope, his zipper was up. Looking back at Ezra, he asked, "What?"

Just then the doorbell rang.

Ezra shook his head in disbelief and headed downstairs to answer the door. He could hear JD ask "What's wrong?" as he trailed behind.

Ezra continued to shake his head. Opening the door, he saw Buck, standing at attention, dressed in army fatigues and a obviously glued on fake mustache.

"Captain Wilmington, reporting for duty." Buck said, saluting Ezra. Then he relaxed, "Woo wee, pard. You look mighty spiffy!"

Ezra cocked his head to one side in acknowledgement, as Buck entered the house.

Sauntering in, Buck saw JD behind Ezra, and exclaimed, "Dang it boy! What the hell're you supposed to be????"


<A little while later...in the hallway of Sunnydale High>

Ezra was standing around, waiting for Bryce to bring the children he was to escort around the neighborhood, trying to hide his distaste. It wasn't that he disliked kids...on the contrary, he actually enjoyed being around them...but to be forced against his will to be a den mother of sorts was just wrong.

He saw Bryce approaching with a group of five small kids in tow.

"This is your group, Standish. You are not to talk to them. You are only to make sure that they return here in one hour in one piece. The last thing anyone needs is for you to corrupt them. You do anything to step out of line...and you will be expelled!" Bryce sneered at Ezra, then started to stalk away.

Kneeling in front of the children, Ezra started to say, "Hello," only to have Bryce say to him, "Ah...ah!"

Ezra stood up, rolling his eyes in distaste.


<In the middle of the hallway>

Nathan Jackson, came up to a girl who was putting a guitar away into her locker. "Hey Casey!" He said.

"Oh hey Nathan. You look like you should be in surgery."

"Hmm? Oh...It's my costume. I'm helping out with the Halloween program." Noticing the guitar and lack of costume on the girl, "Are you playing tonight?"

"Yeah...the Bronze."

"Is Rain gonna be there?"

"Yeah. Do you want me to tell her you asked about her?"

"No that's all right, I'll just drop by later tonight." Nathan said, as he walked off.

"Okay," Casey said to his back. Then getting up, Casey bumped into JD who was running down the hall.


"Oh man, are you all right? I'm real sorry about that!" He helped her up, then turned away and rushed off, saying, "I'm late..."

Leaving Casey to stare after him, before shrugging her shoulders and walking away.


<At the other end of the hall>

"Okay, now listen here," Buck instructed the kids surrounding him. "The key for gettin' extra candy is by looking cute. If ya show a lady puppy dog eyes and a pout," Buck demonstrated by pouting his lip, "the ladies, can't resist it, so you're gonna get more. You can always try the 'you missed me' bit but odds are ya gonna get caught. Got me?"

At the nods of the little kids, Buck grinned, "All right then...let go get some candy!"


<A house on Revello Drive>

"Oh my, how scary!" Nettie said to the young children dressed as monsters. Then as she passes out the candy. "Well, here you go."

When the kids said "Thank you" to her, she smiled and replied, "You're welcome," and closed her door.


As the kids walked down the path to the sidewalk, Ezra smiled at them and asked, "So what did Mrs. Wells have for you?"

At the show of chocolate covered caramels, he replied, "My what a bounty. Well, lets be off to the next domicile."

The kids run ahead to the next house as Ezra followed sedately behind.


<In Ella's shop>

In the midst of the glow of five candles, Ella sprinkled some powered on the statue's head, which was still sitting in the circle. She muttered an incantation under her breath. There was a flash of light, then all the candles extinguished as if blown out by a wind. Ella laughed in the darkness.


<On Revello Drive>

Ezra stumbled briefly as he suffered from a brief dizzy spell.

"My word," he said looking around at the suburban houses which surrounded him in amazement. "It appears that wherever this charming hamlet resides..." he grinned widely, as he wandered down the street, "The possibilities of monetary opportunities seems endless..."

Behind him, the now forgotten little kids he had been escorting around the neighborhood turned into the demons they pretended to be. And poor old Mr. James who had be in the process of slamming the door in their face when they asked for candy moments before...was soon no more after the demons were through with him.

Unfortunately, Ezra was unaware of the demon kids. One saw him and was not about to leave such a colorful prey alone. However, while he did not see the demon approach him, some others did.

Ezra quickly dove behind as metallic object as he heard the sounds of rapid firings of a gun. By the sounds of the bullets being fired, he assumed that he was greatly outnumbered if the people shooting were after him.

As he dove he thought he heard a voice shouting, "Ezra! Behind you!"

Spinning around, he saw to his horror, a grotesque looking, three and a half foot...well...monster heading towards him in a menacing fashion.

With out thinking, Ezra flexed his wrist and aimed his derringer at the monster. But before he was able to pull the trigger, someone rushed up behind him and pushed his arm in the air spoiling his aim.

"Ezra don't!" said Josiah Sanchez, when Ezra spun around to confront him. "It's just a little kid."

Ezra's eyes widened first when he saw Josiah, who was dressed up as a minister, then when he realized what Josiah said. "Surely you must be mistaken. That monstrosity could not possibly be a child."

Just then Nathan, wearing green scrubs and a stethoscope, joined them, "Nope, saw them change, too. All these monsters were the kids we've been taking around." Then as if noticing what Ezra was wearing for the first time. Nathan sneered. "Figures you'd choose to wear a gambler's outfit...Don't you know you're supposed to wear a costume for Halloween?"

"Outfit?" Ezra asked insulted. "I assure you sir, that this is not a costume but my normal wardrobe...this shirt alone was hand sewn from Paris...not a mere imitation."

Just then Buck, strolled up, eyes looking around, searching for trouble, his machine gun ready to fire at any approaching creature. "You all right mister?" he asked Ezra. "That thing almost got you."

"Hey you guys all right?" JD asked with a slight English accent, as he ran up to the group.

As serious as the situation was, Josiah had to grin at JD. "Lemme guess...Harry Potter?" He asked about the costume...JD had taped up glasses on, wore a black cloak, carried a wand and had a white owl sitting on his arm...and under the shaggy brown hair, he noticed a lighting bolt shaped scar.

"Um...Have we met before?" JD asked him, trying to place Josiah's face, but didn't remember him.

Nathan and Josiah realized that whatever was affecting the children was also affecting JD, Buck and Ezra.

"Ah no...your reputation proceed you." Josiah said diplomatically.



Wanting to be rid of the others whom surrounded him, Ezra slowly backed away from the group and started to cross the street. He hoped none of the others would follow him.

Suddenly, Ezra was yanked back by Nathan. While he had checked to ensure there was not traffic on the street before moving, he assumed that it was safe to cross. Unfortunately, at the same moment, a car sped around the corner and wasn't stopping for pedestrians.

"What, may I ask, in heaven's name was that monstrosity?" Ezra asked, in shock as he was almost run over by something he did not recognize.

"That was a car."

"A car?"

"It's a horseless carriage."

"Oh." In fascination, Ezra started towards one of the parked cars he noticed earlier but had not paid much attention to.

"Oh not you don't!" Nathan said as he yanked Ezra away from the car. "We need to get everyone together and figure what's going on." Turning to Josiah, Nathan added, "Josiah, you go get Chris and bring him to Ezra's house. He'll need to know what's going on."

Josiah nodded and headed off towards the school, since, he understood Nathan's reasoning. He was dressed as a preacher...and the demon kids seemed to be avoiding him.

As he seemed to be the only one left not affected by the madness, Nathan dragging Ezra behind him, said, "Ok, JD...um...Harry, Buck, follow me."

They followed, with Buck covering their back. In deference to Nathan's wishes, he didn't shoot directly at the demons but at the ground.


<In Ezra's house>

Once back at Ezra's, Nathan wanted to clear things up so they could get down to business and solve the chaos that was now Sunnydale. First things first, he turned to Ezra and said, "Your name is Ezra Standish."

"On that we agree."

"And you're a sixteen year old high school sophomore."

"I beg to differ. I don't know what a 'sophomore' is, but I assure you it has been years since I've last attended a scholastic institute much less seen the age of sixteen."

Nathan huffed in frustration. He then pulled Ezra over to a mirror. "Look at yourself."

However, instead of looking in the mirror, Ezra's attention was drawn to a picture of him, Buck and JD dressed in jeans and t-shirts. "My god! What am I wearing in that photograph? It looks like something Mr. Tanner would wear!" He peers closer to the picture, "I don't believe I have ever seen Mr. Wilmington without his mustache before."

Bracing himself for the next round of denial, Nathan told Ezra, "And you're the Slayer."

"Slayer?" Ezra looked at Nathan confused, "What, pray tell, am I supposed to be slaying?"

"Demons, vampires and the like."

"Surely you must be jesting." Ezra said in shock. "Fight those creatures?" he asked, waving his hand towards the door, referring to the chaos outside.

Nathan shook his head, "No...those are just kids. Something caused them and you guys to change. I don't know what, but I'm hoping Chris and Josiah will find out. Then you can do something about it."

Ezra shook his head in denial. "I, sir, am a gambler...and would never demean myself by fighting those creatures. I am a man of leisure and, therefore, abhor such activities which would soil my clothing and make me perspire."

"You're not just a gambler...You're the Slayer!" Nathan said frustrated with Ezra's continuing denials. He said angrily, "I give up! I should have let that car cream you." And stalked out of the room and into the kitchen.


<In the middle of a street>

Will looked at the chaos surrounding him. He smiled at Charlotte, "This has some possibilities."


<In the kitchen of Ezra's house>

Nathan wen to the table and sat down, putting his head on his arms in frustration. He may not like Ezra much, but he knew that stuck up, self-centered bastard was the only real hope the town had.

"Hey Nathan!" A soft drawling voice said, startling the boy.

Nathan looked up and saw the black clothed, ensouled vampire, Vin. "Man, Vin....don't do that! We need to put a bell or something on you so that you don't go sneaking up on people anymore."

Vin smirked and shook his head, "Hell, it ain't like I was hidin' or nothin'... You jist weren't paying any attention. So what's got ya riled up? Ez?"

Nathan sighed deeply, "The town's gone crazy and he doesn't remember being the Slayer. He thinks he a gambler and wouldn't 'demean himself' by fighting demons."

"Did he say that gentlemen don't engage menial labor, too?" Vin chuckled, then turned to enter the living room.

He heard Nathan called after him, "It's not funny!" And heard the sounds of Nathan following him.

"Hey fellas," Vin greeted Buck, JD and Ezra.

Buck and JD looked at him, "Do I know you?" they both asked simultaneously.

Ezra, on the other hand, looked up at Vin, nodded at him in acknowledgement, then smirked, as he said, "Mr. Tanner, have you made use of Mr. Larabee's wardrobe?" He peered closer at Vin's clothes, "No...the quality of the fabric is much finer than what Mr. Larabee would possess. I must confess, much to my chagrin, your buckskin coat suits you better."

Vin looked at Ezra in shock...how did Ezra know he used to wear a buckskin coat??? Much less his last name???


<In the library>

Chris was in the back of the stacks putting away books when he heard the doors of the library open and someone came rushing in. "Chris! Are you in here?" he heard Josiah shout.

He exited the stacks into the main area of the library, and saw Josiah heaving next to the checkout counter.

"Josiah..." Chris said as he approached. "I thought you and Nathan were helping with the Halloween program."

"We were...but something strange is going on out there!"


"All the kids turned into whatever costumes they were wearing...they changed into demons. Buck, JD and Ezra were affected too! Buck thinks he's a soldier...JD, Harry Potter..." Josiah said, receiving an amused look from Chris, then continued with, "and Ezra's a gambler."

Chris smirked, shaking his head...figured Ezra would dress up as a gambler. Then turned serious, "And you think you're a preacher?" he asked Josiah, looking pointedly at what Josiah wore.

"No." Josiah said confused, then it dawned on him, "And Nathan's himself, too...he doesn't think he's a surgeon."

"So, why didn't you two change?" Chris asked.

"Dunno...hmmm..." Josiah pondered for a moment, "I made mine from clothes I had at home, and I think Nathan did too."

"And the others?"

"Well I heard Buck mentioning he and the others were going to try out the new store...Ella's Costume Shop... You don't suppose..."


<Back at Ezra's house>

Vin looked at Ezra closely, making Ezra feel a bit uncomfortable with the scrutiny the vampire was giving him.

Before he could question Vin, they heard the sound of a window breaking in the kitchen.

All five of them rushed to the kitchen and saw demons breaking into the house.

Buck raised his gun to shoot at them, but Nathan pushed the barrel up reminding him that the demons were really children and they couldn't kill them.

Limited to hand to hand combat, Buck, Ezra, Nathan and Vin started punching at the demons, trying to force them out of the now broken kitchen door.

Meanwhile, JD was waved then flicked his wand and said "Wingardium Leviosa," causing one of the demons to literally fly out of the room.

Slowly, they were able to repel the demons from the room and block kitchen door. Finally, the room was demon free...at least that was what Ezra, Buck and JD thought...until they turned to face Vin who still had his vampire visage on.

Before anyone could say or do anything, they heard a woman's cry from outside. Ezra rushed for the front door. Vin tried to grab him but was, instead, stopped by Buck who pointed his gun at him and JD with his wand.

"Wait!" Nathan cried out, before anything drastic could happen. "He's on our side...one of the good guys."

Buck looked at him skeptically. "Are you sure son?" He asked Nathan, he turned his head for a brief second, "He looks like one of those demon things we just fought."

When Buck turned back to where Vin stood, no one was there.

"Hey where'd he go?" Buck asked JD, confused.

JD shrugged his shoulders.

"Probably after that fool. He may be the Slayer but right now he doesn't have his powers and his head ain't screwed on right." Nathan said as he headed outside.

JD looked at Buck again and shrugged, then proceeded to follow Nathan.


<Ella's shop>

Chris and Josiah entered the store, noticing how dark and empty it was, Chris called out, "Anyone here?"

Moving towards the back, Josiah noticed a curtain to the back of the store, "Chris..."

Entering the room behind the curtain, they noticed the statue head sitting on the floor, its eyes glowing blood red.

Examining it from a distance, Chris said, "Its Janus."

"The Roman god?" Josiah asked, "What does that mean?"

"Basically? It's the separation of self...ying and yang sort of thing."

"Of male and female," Ella said seductively, as she came out of the shadows, "You and me."

Chris looked up at Ella in shock, then yelled, "Josiah, get out of here!"



Wanting to argue, but knowing it was futile, Josiah left the two alone.

"Ella Gaines," Chris said distastefully.

"Chris," Ella purred back.


<In the middle of an alleyway>

Ezra followed the screams to the corner of an alleyway. Before proceeding, he released his derringer into his palm, wishing he had more than two bullets in the gun, along with another weapon.

He pressed against the side of the building then eased around the corner. He barely saw a figure of a woman in the shadows of the far corner of the alley as two demons stalked closer to her

While still not totally convinced of the existence of demons, no matter what evidence he had been seeing during the past few hours, she was in trouble. And though self preservation was a high priority, he wasn't one to leave a woman defenseless. So Ezra cocked his gun and announced himself. "Excuse me gentlemen, and I do use the term loosely, but I believe the lady does not appreciate any of your attention. I highly suggest you abandon your current course of action."

"Oh, my noble hero," Charlotte said sarcastically as Ezra completed his speech. Then grinned evilly as her faced morphed into a vampire and she said, "Get him."

Ezra quickly found himself surrounded by twenty vampires. Noting that these creatures were adult sized, he assumed that they were not ensorcelled and shot at one of the vampires. Beyond jerking back briefly, the vampire did not react and Ezra knew he was in trouble.

Swearing, he started punching his way towards the entrance of the ally, not making much affect, but instead becoming bruised and battered.

Suddenly, some of the pressure eased as clouds of dust started floating down upon him. Looking up, Ezra saw Vin staking another vampire and watched it turn to dust before his eyes.

Unable to defeat the greater odds, Vin decided to hightail it out of the alley. While dusting another vampire, he called out, "What are ya waitin' fer? Move!"

Not needing any more prompting, Ezra quickly ran towards the street, and joined JD, Buck and Nathan.

Seeing the guys paused to watch him, Vin yelled to the guys, "Don't jist stand there...get goin'!" He, then, proceeded to catch up.

When the four saw the group of non dusted vampires, and a few demon children, chasing them, Nathan led the way towards the warehouse area of the city, in hopes of losing their pursuers.


<Back at Ella's>

"What? No hug or kiss?" Ella asked Chris, a bit hurt, "Aren't you happy to see me?"

"Not really. I should have guessed it was you." Chris said with disgust. "It's something only you would do."

"It is isn't it?" Ella said pleased with herself. "Much more elegant than a fire. Fowler had no imagination at all."

"It's cruel and twisted like you."

"Don't say that Chris...you know I did it for us! First that conniving woman took you way from me...then the Watcher's Council...soon you won't have your little Slayer and you'll be all mine." Ella told Chris, not noticing the anger building in his eyes with each statement she said.

"Break the spell Ella. Then get the hell out of here and don't come back."

"But Chris...I did it for us."

"Break the spell...or else..." Chris threatened as he stalked towards her.

Ella's eyes widened as she realized there was no reasoning with him. "The statue..." she confessed, "Break the statue, and it'll break the spell."

Chris picked up the head and smashed it on the ground. There was a brilliant flash of light. When he was able to see again, Ella was gone.


<In a warehouse>

JD dusted a vampire who had attacked him by staking it through the heart with his wooden wand. Since he wasn't able to cast any spells, he was glad that the wand was still useful in the close quarters of the fight.

In a corner of the building, Buck was finally able to fight his way free from the three demons who had dog piled him. Picking up his machine gun, he turned and was about to fire at them, when he heard Nathan.

"No wait Buck! Don't shoot. Remember they're kids!" Nathan yelled as he subdued a pirate, when he noticed Buck's action from the corner of his eye. Seeing who was using Ezra as a punching bag, Nathan pointed Buck's attention to Will, "Shoot him!"

As Buck pulled the trigger of the gun...it turned back into a toy. The monsters he fought just moments ago were now little kids again.

Frightened little kids...then, crying little kids.

"I want my mommy!" one little boy cried out.

Will glanced away for a bit when he heard the little boy's cry. Then lifting a fist to hit Ezra again, he found it effectively block, and forced back by a strength the gambler did not show earlier.

"You sir, are getting on my nerves."

A punch to the midsection, threw Will off balance, long enough for Ezra to get back onto his feet. Suddenly, Will realized the tide had turned...whatever advantage he had moments ago vanished in an instant. Especially when Ezra threw a punch to his face, knocking him back several feet.

Realizing that a retreat was in order, Will got up and quickly ran away.

Ezra and Buck headed over to where Nathan and Vin stood.

"Are you two all right? Back to normal?" Nathan asked the pair.


"I'm fine."

"Good, cuz you may have become whatever your costumes were, but I didn't...and I'm not about to patch up your sorry butts."

Vin smirked at Nathan.

"What?" Nathan asked seeing Vin's look.

"Nothing," Vin replied.


<A bit later...At a street intersection>

Casey is driving her aunt's car when she stopped at a light. She watched as JD crossed the street in front of her. As she watches him cross, she asked herself, "Who is that guy?"


<Ezra's house>

Ezra walked into the room wearing a polo shirt and a pair of pressed designer jeans. "Now that's much better," he said.

Vin smirked at him, "Ya sure about tha?"

"Most definitely."

Wistful Vin sighed, "Sure brought back some memories though..."

"Whatever do you mean, Vin?" Ezra said curious.

"Nothing..." Vin told Ezra, while thinking back to the late 1800's.


<The next day...Ella's Store>

Chris looked at the door to the shop. He tried the knob and it twisted easily in his hand. Entering, he noticed that the store had been cleaned out...almost as if it never existed. He noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Walking to the counter, he saw a small card. He picked it up and read, "I'll be back...You will be mine again."


The End

*Additional disclaimer - the character Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.


Character references (if you're curious)

JD Dunne - Willow
Nathan Jackson - Cordelia
Chris Larabee - Giles
Josiah Sanchez - Willow (in intelligence and overall attitude)/Harmony (in his friendship to Nathan)
Ezra Standish - Buffy
Vin Tanner - Angel
Mary Travis- Ms Calendar
Buck Wilmington- Xander

Guest Starring:
Federal Marshall Bryce - Principal Snyder
Ella Gaines - Ethan Raines
Stuart James - Dead Neighbor
Charlotte Richmond- Drusilla
Will Richmond - Spike
Maude Standish - Joyce
Nettie Wells - Neighbor
Casey Wells - Oz